A Complete Revisal of All Acts of the Assembly. 1773.

The printing press came to North Carolina only after nine other continental English colonies had already seen its use. In 1746 the legislature passed a law to "Revise and Print the Laws of this Province." Accordingly the Assembly appointed James Davis as "Public Printer," to print the laws and other official documents, at a salary to be raised by a tax of four pence "on each and every Taxable Person within this Province." Davis, who had learned his trade at Williamsburg, set up his printing press at New Bern on June 24, 1749. In 1751 he published A Collection of All the Public Acts of Assembly of the Province of North Carolina, which preceded this later Revisal. Davis also founded the first newspaper in the colony, The North Carolina Gazette. [NCH] The sample page from the Revisal linked below details the Act establishing new courthouses in some of the earliest towns of the province: Bath, Edenton, New Bern, and Beaufort.

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