Thomas Mortimer. A New History of England. 1764.

Thomas Mortimer (1730-1810) was a voluminous writer, chiefly of biographies and economic subjects. Educated at Harrow, he mastered French and Italian to improve his studies of modern history, his favorite subject. In 1762 he was made English vice-counsul for the Austrian Netherlands, a post he retained for six years. Mortimer's largest work was The British Plutarch, also owned in a first edition by Belmont Abbey, which details in six volumes the lives of eminent Britons from the time of Henry VIII to George II. He also authored a General Commercial Dictionary and translated Gautier's Life and Exploits of Pyrrhus from the French. This three volume History seems likely to have been his proudest project, given his known preference for the subject and the ambitious title-page dedication to Queen Charlotte. [DNB]

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