Suetonius. Animadversionibus. 1703.

Gaius Tranquillus Suetonius (ca. 69-140 A.D.) was a Roman biographer born into a military family. He was dismissed as a private secretary under Hadrian for unknown reasons. He wrote much in Latin and Greek but the only works known to us are Lives of the Twelve Caesars and fragments of Famous Men. From the latter work, we know of the lives of Terence, Horace, Lucan, and Pliny. The former fills a substantial void in knowledge of the early Empire and its royal lineage.[NCE] This edition couples Suetonious' Lives of the Twelve Caesars with extended commentaries and notes by the three contributors listed on the title page. Notice the twelve statues mounted in the rotunda behind the seated figure of the biographer.

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