Sulpicius Severus. Opera Omnia. 1703.

An ecclesiastical writer, born of noble parents in Aquitaine c. 360; died about 420-25. He enjoyed excellent educational advantages, studied jurisprudence, and was renowned as an eloquent lawyer. His marriage with the daughter of a wealthy consular family seemed to seal his earthly happiness. His wife, however, suffered a premature death and shortly after 390 Severus renounced his brilliant career and followed his friend Paulinus into monastic retirement. "The Chronicle" ("Chronicorum Libri duo" or "Historia sacra") extends from the creation of the world to A. D. 400, but omits the historical events recorded in the New-Testament writings. It was first published in or after 403 and has been preserved in a single eleventh-century manuscript. [CE] This edition of his works was published by Thomas Fritsch with an introduction by John Vorst, and is bound in hand-stitched vellum.[ME]

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