Sophocles. Tragedies of Sophocles. 1759.

Thomas Francklin (1721-1784) was a writer, translator, and bookseller in Covent-Garden. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and in 1750 was elected to the post of Professor of Greek at Cambridge. In 1759 he felt compelled to resign his professorship after he was involved in a dispute with the heads of the university. From that point, for the greater part of his life, Francklin was compelled by financial need to write for the press and for the stage. Two of his plays achieved some success, and his knowledge of the stage together with his academic background in Greek informed these interesting translations of Sophocles. His circle of friends came to include Dr. Samuel Johnson and Sir Joshua Reynolds, and partly through their aid he eventually gained a professorship in ancient history at the Royal Academy. [DNB]

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